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Workshop 3


Leadership, Transformation and Mastery:

Illuminator program (Evening + 2 full DAYS):

Elevation Acceleration ILLUMINATION Connection

In this illuminator program, mega mindset mastery becomes your ability to create the perfect mindset for any situation you find yourself in, and the perfect response for every experience that you create for yourself. You begin ‘joining the dots’ and waking up to your connections across higher reality. Here we awaken radical open-mindedness and take the one direction home.

During this third workshop, Paul will again take you through a series of interactive exercises. These are patent ‘deep field’ binary attention techniques and one-on-one activities to deepen your active practice of the continuous mind and strengthen your grasp of complete reality. Here you illuminate your personal experience of higher connections while you learn to apply mega mindset mastery across your everyday life.

ILLUMINATOR WORKSHOP CONTENT – a brief overview of the patent content:

  • Learn the missing piece of the puzzle preventing science from having its sought-after ‘unified theory of everything’. Enter your undefined power of observation and the ‘unifying experience of everything’. Startlingly simple.
  • Illuminate your experience in this third of four workshops towards fully engaging your inborn access to nature’s complete library of information and experience. Here you progress further across the seven steps of mega mindset mastery as you approach your completely awakened point-of-view, beyond the usual shadows and echoes – the darting distractions – of common sense.
  • Learn, experience and work specifically with the mind-body-total-field connection. This full-field reality hook-up is the third of three stages of integration between your inner self, your local reality and your infinite, seamless surroundings.
  • Learn how new discoveries in quantum biology prove that personal behaviours, insights and experiences in one generation can become hardwired to cross the ‘germ-line’ into following generations. Life is a comma, never a full-stop. Welcome to the quantum dimensions of your everyday life.
  • Discover how to rewire your brain and refocus your higher attention into the highest levels of fear management, personal risk minimization, leadership and personal influence. Here is the art of having the greatest effect and personal leverage with the least disorder or disruption. Here is action at the third speed, totally connected; action without downstream friction and unseen effects. Here you are at last totally open to experience the ‘complete life’ as the fully creative host of your life and influential from the inside out, rather than as the reactive guest in your life and influenced from the outside in.
  • Understand the fifth and sixth mindset laws of activated intention and influence. Engage your two higher level horizons of 5) attraction and 6) transformation towards full recovery and mastery of your powers of insight, intuition, transformation and manifestation.
  • Apply the mindset power of letting go, then master the more advanced power of letting go of letting go of all externalities.
  • In this third of four very interactive workshops, we draw from eleven arenas of advanced information, knowledge, education and experience – reinforced by specialised activities and inclusions that are exclusive to this transformational ‘illuminator’ horizon.
  • Have attended either Workshops 1 or 2
  • Read Think of an Elephant or listen to the 5-book audio series. Pay particular attention to:
    • All of audio books 1 and 2
    • Audio book 3: Achieving Mindset Maturity and Health. Stages of Integration – Stage 3: Environment to the infinite whole
    • Audio book 4: Setting your Mega Mindset line-of-sight. (Hard-copy Chapters 14, 15, 16). Be practicing the early binary attention techniques either from the hardcopy of Think of an Elephant, or from the CD or from the free on-line e-book: “6 STEPS TO EVOLVING MINDFULNESS”

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