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Radical Wisdom reveals how your attention – your doorway of perception – is not simply the passive slideshow you imagine. The power-supply behind your attention is an active energy input and more powerful than you have been shown.

The Evolution of humanity’s consciousness is measurable and ongoing.

Every choice you make at every moment of your life – asleep or awake – is powered by a personal quantum variable switch set by your attention that you can learn to control.

This initiative is for those who know there is something more to reality than meets the eye and something more to life than getting to death safely. We want to know what it is, where it is, and how to get it. And we want it now . . .

Solid evidence from today’s new sciences, plus key insights from ancient cultures and traditions, confirm we are each capable of no less than two life-changing transformations. The first is to consciously rewire our brain over time using higher attention alone as we transform the scope of our daily experience, our effectiveness and our future. The second is to consciously access the key feature we are missing from our fully evolved mindset and our complete experience of reality. Mystics caught spectral glimpses of this capacity and called it ‘The Way’.

Your brain is your greatest creation – a wet and wild quantum computer controlled and continuously re-wired by your choices. Every choice you make is powered by a variable quantum switch set by your attention.

Proven: You can learn:
1) how to recover control over your attention’s variable quantum switch we call choice.
2) how to fully inform your insight and your deep intuition to move from fixation and wishful thinking to engage the highest energies of transformation and manifestation.
3) how to resolve all your problems at their source to create a fully connected, illuminated and optimised life in as little as 10 seconds.

Who is this for?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Uninspired? Unsure about your life’s direction and purpose? Are you working on other people’s plans and not your own?

Let me be clear and up-front. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. This program is not for you unless you have an interest in one or more of the following: 1) transformation, 2) manifestation, 3) intention, 4) influence, 5) insight, 6) intuition, 7) health, 8) wellness, 9) wellbeing, 10) holism, 11) creativity, 12) balance, 13) mindset, 14) relationships and connections, (15) full-field reality, 16) new science, 17) problem-dissolving, (18) the unlimited mind, (19) unconditional (independent) happiness, (20) and more . . .

May I say that this global series of presentations and conversations is designed specifically for those who are looking to answer one or more of these big three life questions in their own way: Who am I? Where am I? How can I?

It’s not enough to know, or to simply know how. We need action on the ground, now. With major global issues as well as personal concerns at the front of many of our minds, urgent problems need urgent solutions. But we must act now. Now is the time to look at what we can do immediately, from where we are and with what we’ve got. Through a process of information, knowledge education and on-ground experience, the 10-Second Mega Mindset Mastery Initiative provides a program of high-end experiential learning and measurable personal transformation across all fields. This transformation addresses both our need for personal solutions at the most intimate and effective day-to-day level and our responsibility for positive global action.

Every one of your choices plays its part in the progressive evolution of the human psyche. The complete you is much more than you have been told, and capable of much more than you might imagine.

About Paul

For those attracted into this unique program of interchange learning, Paul is the author of the acclaimed Think of an Elephant: Combining Science and Spirituality for a Better Life (Watkins UK). Along another branch of creativity, he is also the artist-designer of a multinational diplomatic icon, a unique crystal sculpture embedded with a genuine ingot cut from the actual walls of the world-heritage Sydney Opera House. The sculpture has been presented by the Australian Government to many of the world’s leaders, including the Office of the President of the United States and other Heads of State, as well as gracing art galleries and homes of celebrities and art collectors around the globe.

Paul is an internationally recognised modern-day philosopher, public speaker, educator, and author. For two decades Paul has maintained insider access to front-line clinical research in international pharmaceutical development and cardiovascular research networks. Paul remains a passionate self-educationalist and keeps up to date with developments in the scientific world on a daily basis. His unusual and sometimes startling life has taken him from the internal workings of Air Force planes as an aircraft electrical engineer to meditating in pitch-black caves with deadly snakes in the Philippines. After leaving the Service, Paul undertook postgraduate studies in politics, corporate communication, adult education, history, ecology, philosophy, complimentary health and healing methods.

Paul’s earlier field work led to almost two decades of monastic studies and research, studies in quantum physics and other sciences, travelling the world to study spiritual healing, including Chan Buddhism in China, faith healing in the Philippines and Brazil, traditional Aboriginal medicine, Chinese medicine, and parapsychology. Paul has been a post-graduate student-in-residence at Hong Kong’s Pao Lin Monastery, and guest lecturer in Parapsychology and Consciousness studies at John F. Kennedy University. He has also worked as a director of Complimentary Health Practices specialising in Chinese and remedial massage, and a teacher-examiner for the NSW Association of Remedial Masseurs.

From early childhood, Paul intuited that there was more to reality than meets the eye. He felt that, in effect, we are asleep to our wider field of natural connections – their power and influence, and their downstream consequences in our life – whether through cultural habits, fear, ignorance, or all three.

However, it was Paul’s exposure to the environmental war-zones of the world and his firsthand experiences of the failings of governments, activists and profit-driven environmental vandalism, that triggered his dedication to the evolution and development of positive human potential through education, training and direct personal experience.

The Initiative

Now Paul has returned to what he describes as humanity’s greatest creative work and his greatest creative passion – the evolution of the human psyche, by demystifying, presenting and sharing the keys that unlock the single most creative element embedded within every human being.

This site will engage you at whatever level you want to become involved. Whether it’s to …

Geshe Dorji Damdul

Co-collaborator in the Global Science and Mindset Network, sharing insights on the 20 big questions of the 21st Century, including communications on the evolution of consciousness.

Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director of Tibet House, Cultural Center of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Dr. John Demartini

“Paul Bailey’s Think of an Elephant is an inspiring, in depth exploration into the philosophical, the scientific, the sociological and the spiritual aspects of evolving humanity. It is a must read for anyone desiring to know their place and purpose in the universe.

Dr. John Demartini, International educator and bestselling author:

George Misa

“Your (leadership) training sessions have inspired all the managers and supervisors who attended. Now we know the difference between leading and managing, and how to command without force or demand. Please can we keep you here with us.”

George Misa, Republic of the Philippines, Assistant Secretary of the National Department of the Interior and Local Government

Rachael Kohn

“Destined to become the Bible of the new way of thinking on science and spirituality.”

Rachael Kohn, Broadcaster: The Spirit of Things, ABC Radio National.

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