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Workshop 4


Super Science; Super Reality; Super Self.

Super Connector program (Evening + 2 full DAYS)

Elevation Acceleration illumination CONNECTION

In this connector program we extend our work with the reawakened brain-cell networks of the continuous mind we established earlier. Now we engage at the highest scales of reality. Here we complete the up-shift from the limited, ‘discontinuous’ mind into the unlimited ‘continuous’ mind.

This is the ultimate experience in personal evolution alluded to in so many of the ancient texts and religious metaphors down through the ages. This definitive fourth step has taken more than 5000 years to evolve from mystery, metaphor and superstition to measurable, definable and repeatable fact and experience. The content of this workshop will become available to those who have the prior information, knowledge, education and experience required to fully understand the earlier concepts refined through the preceding three workshops.

In this connector program you will understand and consciously engage with the power behind reality’s three speeds – the true singularity. Within this super connectome you are at the source of intuition, manifestation and transformation. you will experience your infinite locus-of-control, and your highest evolution of consciousness and connection. In as short as 10 seconds. This is your life’s ultimate timed event.

SUPER CONNECTOR WORKSHOP CONTENT – a sense of the horizons we will be crossing:

  • Consciously connect openly with the full, energetic field of reality around you and the full energetic field of your mentality and attention. Here in this fourth of four stages, you engage your inborn access to nature’s complete library of information, knowledge, education and experience relevant to you and your everyday life.
  • Uncovered by the LIGO observatory in 2015 and described in ancient traditions as ‘The Way’, now you can turn on to the unbreakable ‘super-connectome’ – the creative foundation present as the formless, constant feature of all forms of existence, including your consciousness.
  • Fully engage your powers of insight, intuition, intention and influence within this universal foundation and source – the ultimate connection. This can be a life-defining experience and has been approached many times across human history, but never accessed quite as simply, easily, enjoyably and straightforwardly as we can today.
  • You can now master your complete life, maximise your personal influence and optimise your problem-solving abilities. Significantly inspire others in their own lightbulb moments worth viralizing and allow the same within yourself.
  • Now you may effortlessly and intentionally up-shift any problem within your attention into a super-position with its solution for resolution at the seat of transformation and manifestation that is within you.
  • Engage your highest two mental horizons of 6) transformation and 7) manifestation to recover and master your powers of insight, intuition, transformation and manifestation.
  • Enjoy super-connector training in the top two of seven new dynamic, binary attention, mindset mastery techniques for the 10-second mega mindset mastery experience.
  • Now you no longer live your life on short-circuit and a quick fuse. You may maximise your inborn ability to be recreated and re-energised from the inside out rather than from the outside in.
  • Here you can master the ultimate art of letting go of letting go of letting go of all externalities – all fixations including space and time. You hold nothing. No-thing. Your harmony with the complete reality field is total, and your personal powers of transformation and manifestation are selfless, profound and complete. 10-second mega mindset mastery.
  • In this fourth of four very interactive workshops, an enlightening portfolio of cutting-edge information and experiences is underwritten by activities and inclusions to guide you in your final stage of this highly evolved expertise and enlightened know-how.
    Have attended either Workshops 1 or 2 and attended Workshop 3
  • Read or listen to each of the five books in the Think of an Elephant five-book audio series
  • Emphasis on book 5: Waking Up to the Direct Experience of the Infinity. Have practiced the early binary attention techniques either from the hardcopy of Think of an Elephant, the CD or from the free online e-book Six Steps to Evolving Mindfulness

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