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Workshop 2


Crossing the ‘event horizon’

Accelerator program (Evening + 1 full day):

Elevation ACCELERATION illumination Connection

Good cosmological science tells us that 96% of everything has gone missing from our current understanding of the universe. In this accelerator program, we find 72% of it. The other 24% comes later.

Once you get a grip on this new reality – the seen, the unseen and the missing, including the reality and nature of attention, consciousness and intelligence itself – we get a whole new mindset to work with. We uncover and awaken some inspiring truths about ourselves and our own unexplored and unexpressed powers of transformation, creation and manifestation. We learn how the present is more a moment of quantum powered choice and a moment of linear time. We explore deeper reality to discover how much more there is to the created cosmos and the intelligent universe than meets the eye.

In “Ah Ha” moments of awakening, we accelerate away from the hunt for scoring points of personal advantage and advance our way towards the universal vantage point of consciousness and our highest connections. We see the end of our self-inflicted injuries, recognise our way ahead, and accelerate the journey home.

ACCELERATOR WORKSHOP CONTENT: a brief look at what’s on in this workshop:

  • From the writings of the ancients to the discoveries of today, you uncover how to master your twin powers of intuitive and intentional decision-making, and how this esoteric skill benefits the entire field of your life.
  • Accelerate your growth in this second of four stages towards fully engaging your inborn access to nature’s complete library of information, knowledge, education and experience.
  • Uncover the source of the resource we call creativity and learn to tap into it.
  • Discover the evidence that the wrongly-named ‘psychic’ field provably exists and is immediately available for further development.
  • Learn the comprehensive definition of wisdom – first time in history (many shades of wisdom; many definitions; only one master definition).
  • How to work with and develop the personal advantages of the body-environment connection. This inside-outside link is the second of three equally important stages or degrees of integration and disintegration between yourself, your psyche and your infinite, seamless surroundings.
  • Learn how holistic healing and radical remissions occur, and how the healing power of mega mindset techniques revolutionise the trajectory of your life.
  • Understand the third, fourth and fifth mindset laws of activated intention and influence, and their associated powers of personal transformation within you.
  • Engage your more advanced mental horizons of visualization, connection, and attraction, towards recovering and mastering your powers of insight, intuition, transformation and manifestation.
  • Enjoy accelerated training in three of seven new dynamic, ‘Health Extension, Mindset Mastery’ meditation techniques for the 10-second mega mindset experience.
  • Master the early mindset power of letting go of all externalities..
  • In this second of four very interactive workshops, there is a mind-altering selection of original knowledge and experience highlighted by patent activities and inclusions developed especially for this progressive ‘accelerator’ platform.
  • Read Think of an Elephant or listen to the five-book audio series. Pay particular attention to:
    • All of audio books 1 and 2
    • Audio book 3: Achieving Mindset Maturity and Health: “Second Stage of Integration: Body to Environment”

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