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Workshop 1


Humanity’s Tipping Point

Elevator Program (Evening + 1 full day)

ELEVATION Acceleration illumination Connection

During this elevator workshop you redefine your health, your reality and your life at all levels. We develop a radically new understanding of our ‘mindset’ and its personal potential to inform new dimensions within reality. Uncover new possibilities of mind and your choices to energise personal leadership and elevate our powers of influence. In easily understood layperson terms, you will learn how you are your own antidote. Learn the step-by-step remedy for avoiding the negative downstream effects of life’s common fixations and how to apply the remedy in our everyday life. We dramatically up-shift our mindset from re-creating our past to pre-creating our future, choice by choice.

Paul will take you through a series of interactive exercises, mind-altering conversations, and mindset techniques to begin overcoming the crippling gravitational pull of common sense and some historical, self-limiting mental habits. Here you begin re-shaping your mindset to access reality’s full field of information for the first time. This is the universal database forming what we are calling the ‘super connectome’ of greater reality.

This is in addition to the new science and other breakthrough information, knowledge and education to open your mind and get you in touch with the essence and experience of your enlightened mindset. Recover the seat of your own independent happiness. Recalibrate your outlook to the full-field viewpoint. Uncover the source of your creativity and transformation. Uncover some inspiring truths about yourself and your own unexplored and unexpressed powers transformation and manifestation.

ELEVATOR WORKSHOP CONTENT – What you will learn and experience:

  • Define consciousness and attention.
  • How your brain is not only a thinking organ but also a healing organ, with thinking as one of your brain’s many holistic healing functions.
  • How common sense can be limiting, and how you can overcome this crippling gravitational pull by developing your uncommon senses and creating more positive effects across your resilient life.
  • How you can slow down aging by locating the key to control your mind-to-body connection.
  • Elevate your outlook in this first of four stages to fully engage your inborn access to nature’s complete library of information, knowledge, education and experience. Your personal keys towards wholeness, spirit, completion – whatever you call it – but at open call for whatever you really need in your life, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, here and now.
  • How to work with and develop your wider personal advantages within your mind-body connection. This mind-body link is the first of three equally important levels of interconnection between your mind, your body, and your infinite surroundings.
  • Consciously engage the field of energy behind the fact that we do not end at the surface of our skin. This requires seeing beyond our dis-continuous mindset and our fragmented world-view.
  • What you need to know about the discoveries of super science in the new field of quantum biology regarding the power of connections, relationships, and touch, and how these affect your health.
  • Understand the first three mindset laws of activated intention and influence and the associated powers of personal transformation these first three laws release within you.
  • Engage your corresponding first three low level mental horizons of fixation, wishful thinking, and visualization, towards recovering and mastering your higher powers of insight, intuition, transformation and manifestation.
  • Enjoy elevated training in the first three of seven ‘Health Extension, Binary Attention’ mindset mastery techniques towards the 10-second mega mindset mastery experience.
  • In this first of four very interactive workshops, we draw from eleven arenas of customized information and experience. These are developed around a series activities and inclusions tailored to support this ground-breaking ‘elevator’ program.
  • Read Think of an Elephant or listen to the five-book audio series
  • Pay particular attention to:
    • All of audio book 1: Islands of Separation, and audio book 2: From Success to Significant Connections
    • Audio book 3: Achieving Mindset mastery and Health: “First stage of Integration: Mind to body”

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