“Paul, I will always remember this wonderful experience and the new path you have opened up for me. Thank you.”


“Paul, I got even more out of these two days than I had hoped for. Thank you.”

Ron J.

“Here is the opportunity to thank you for heightening and reawakening a sensitivity that our environment stifles so often. Today’s experience could not have come at a better time for Anne and I.”

Malcolm Jennah

“Have learned so much but now feel there is so much more to learn and experience. Would love to be part of another class if you think of having one.”

Ashley McDonnell

“Paul, thank you for the remarkable results you produced in our Operations and Sales Training Department. Your program has taken multi-skilling and teamwork to another level.”

Graeme S. Fear, General Manager, Edward H. O’Brien Enterprises

Email from: Larry Parker
Hi, Paul – your book has knocked me out. If you're doing anything in the UK in the new year – anywhere in UK – I'd really like to be included.

Sincerely – Larry Parker

“A wonderful experience. You are needed here in the Philippines”

Mauricio Farguardo

“Paul, a really concentrated experience of many dimensions. Thanks for your sharing.”

Anne Tynan

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