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Follow-up & Graduate program


Become a Coach-Facilitator:


Become a Coach-Facilitator:

Network among the masters in the field. Work with the Graduate Coach and Facilitator program.

Your ongoing global reach – either personally or in business:

The follow-up graduate program is where you get to network amongst the masters in the field. Paul has established an international experts’ network of scientists, writers, and allied specialists who have undertaken to contribute their best insights in answer to the 20 biggest questions and issues facing humanity today.

If you have developed an interest in following up the global round table conversation further after hearing of the Initiative, or if you have completed a course and feel inspired in any way to share any of Paul’s work with those people you value, please let us know so that we can assist you in making that possible. You might want to …

  • assist as crew at one of the presentations
  • invite Paul to come and present talks and programs to your networks
  • assist with coaching, consulting or mentoring

For more information on how you can share and extend the global conversation, or if you wish to speak with us about a workshop or any other matter, PLEASE CONNECT

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Follow-up graduate program – Contact us

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