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10-Second Mega Mindset Mastery Initiative


Super science, the intelligent universe, and your place in it.

(Half-day or evening. FREE Event).

You will see to the edges of the universe, the outer reaches of your mind and the peak of your possibilities – all supported by measurable, definable and reputable science. Absorb the rock-solid evidence that there are many more dimensions to reality than time and space. How our physical reality is a hologram – a construct of surfaces in an infinity of planes. Learn why your health at all levels – psychological, physical, social and environmental – is as much a mental thing as a physical thing.

  • Explore the full field of reality and the full field of your mentality, allowing you to experience a complete life.
  • Become the host of your life, rather than the guest.
  • Grasp how much influence your mindset has over your genes, your choices, your whole health; your wellness and wellbeing, as well as your unconditional happiness – now and into your future.
  • All parts of created reality are constantly moving. Without movement, reality ceases to exist. Learn how reality (and including every physical part of you) is forever moving at three speeds:
    • 1. Variable or changing.
    • 2. Persistent or constant.
    • 3. Quantum or instantaneous.

    Learn how to fully inform your day-to-day choices by consciously engaging all three speeds. This allows you to maximize your awareness and influence over all the downstream effects of your actions and their outcomes.

  • Have a better grasp of the full energetic field of reality and its ‘missing’ dimensions. Uncover the different horizons of your mentality. Discover your true wealth of creativity, influence, intention, insight and intuition.
  • Connect with the global round-table conversation and contribute to it.

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